5 Effective Teaching Techniques to Make the Learning Easy and Fun

5 effective Teaching techniques to Make Learning Easy and FUNMake teaching a FUN

How often do you get bored sitting in the class doing nothing but cramming the chemical formulas and mathematical theorems with no interest at all? Many times I know. Except for a few places, our teaching techniques have become so poor that learning is not a fun anymore. It’s treated more like a burden and I mean, “Why not?, when you are forced to mug up everything with absolutely ZERO practical knowledge been imparted during lectures. The tenure in which we gain the education is also quite long.So we generally tend to feel the heat of the phase. Now, if it’s necessary to gain the education, our focus should be on making the teaching techniques effective to make the overall learning a FUN.  So here are those 5 Effective Teaching Techniques to Make the Learning Process Easy and Fun.

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5 Effective Teaching Techniques to Make the Learning Process Easy and Fun

1- Spaced Learning

Spaced learning involves encouraging students to quickly switch through activities. Teachers have reported that the technique has yielded amazing results. In this technique, the lessons are repeated three times with a 10-minute break between each lesson. For example: Provide a 20-minute lesson on reproduction through presentation and then having 10 minutes break for a physical activity such as Football, Basketball etc.
The creators of the system have reported that the system does work and claim it to be more effective than conventional methods of learning. And moreover, the students enjoy this procedure.

2- Flipped Classroom

As the name suggests “Flipped Classroom” means inverting the environment of the class. As in conventional methods of teaching teacher is the one around whom the whole class rotates, but in “Flipped Classroom” the opposite happens. In this technique, the students are the center of the class. In a Flipped classroom the students are to read the content from home before it is taught to them and then they are to ask questions that arose during the process. The teacher does nothing but only solves the doubts and queries of the students.

3- Live Learning

It is scientifically proven that the things which you witness are bound to stay in your mind for a longer time than the ones you read. So trying to show what actually happens rather than providing what’s written in books is more effective way of teaching. For example: While teaching about working of an automobile it’s more useful to show the setup of the automobile and it’s working for the students to make them learn better.
In many cases, it might not be possible to show a case live. Then its alternative can be to show a video on how actually a process happens. It will build the excitement in the students for a longer period of time.

4- Role Play

During my secondary education, I noticed that history is the hardest subject to learn. Wasn’t easy for me to remember who invaded whom, when was a battle fought, who won the battle. And I think this is the case with most of the students. The reason is that we aren’t able to relate those historical events with our life. In such cases, role-playing can help a lot. For example “To teach about Akbar, the teacher can ask children to perform drama on a given event related to his life”. This will help the students to connect with the person and learn the given facts easily.

5- Learn from the Students

One of the best ways to teach is to learn from the students. It has been seen in the past years that the students are not happy with the way teachers teach and find difficulty even in expressing the same. So it is the duty of a teacher to try to reach students and find out the way which suits them the best. Many a time it is seen that some of us take time to grasp while others are quick learners and in such cases, it is the duty of the teacher to take care of it. And it can only be done by asking the feedback from the students.

Wrapping up the 5 Effective Teaching Techniques

The way the education is imparted has changed a lot with the time. It is bound to change even more in the upcoming years. It is thus the duty of the teachers to find a way which is most effective for the students. The above-mentioned teaching techniques are very effective. If you are a teacher and finds it difficult to convince your students towards learning, try adopting any of these 5 Effective Teaching Techniques.

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