“Price Of My Virginity”- Confessions (Part 1)

Real Time Confessions- Price Of My Virginity

Confessions are always great to read and discuss. From reflecting the actual societal behavior and taking you through an emotional ride, Confessions never leave a chance to amaze and engage you. Confessions always remain a hot topic at varying social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Now, it has paved its way to some other non-social sites also. Because obviously, it’s always great to attract emotional, drowned-in-love kind of traffic. Also, most of these confessions go viral just because these have elements related to the “SEX” or “LOVE”. Today, we have brought to you a confession of a Christian Girl named ‘Ann’ narrating the “Price Of My Virginity”. 

So fasten up your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, as today, you are going to be very emotional reading this out.

Note: The subject is not for any mocking purpose. The confession has been divided into a no. of parts. Read the first one here and we’ll share the other parts after getting response.

Reading the ‘Price Of My Virginity- Part 1

My name is Ann and I grew up in a Christian family. My parents trained me in a Christian and in a Godly way. I never had the opportunity to Mingle or relate with friend. As I had a good voice I could sing very well. I was the assistant choir mistress, but because of my good voice I was made the general choir mistress in my church. My parents are very proud of me because of my virginity. I don’t have a boyfriend. I’s always busy with the school and Church activities. But inside me, I wanted to be exposed to the world.

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So How did it Start?

I wanted to be like other girls but because of my parents, I was so limited. I was still in secondary school, many guys insisted me to be their girlfriend, but I never gave any affirmation. But, there was this one guy whom I loved. His name was ‘John’ and he never asked me for friendship but we were very close. But one day while playing with me, he touched my private parts. I warned him never to try such again in the future. John noticed that I was still a virgin and pretended as if he did not know anything.

The Post-Consequences

After this incident, he started looking for a chance to invite me to his house. His intentions were very clear. I was already aware about his plans. So, he never got a chance to ruin my life.
Then on one day, our Biology teacher entered in our class and started topic related to the ”FAMILY PLANNING.
Now most of us know what that topic must be all about. So, he started delivering his lecture on the topic but as I was too shy to handle this, my head never faced the board during the lecture.

He taught us about how a husband can have sex with his wife without getting her pregnant. Those very words and imagination about the same were hitting deep into my brain. Meanwhile, John was looking straight into my eyes to know how exactly I was feeling. I never gave him the chance but it dug something deep inside me already.

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Moving to University

After my secondary school, I got an admission to the Higher Institution. But, the urge for sex was much on me but I promised myself never be a distracted soul back again. My friends kept telling me that the university life is not easy and also that I must give what I have, to get what I want. They told me everything about school life and this made me to think even more deeply.

To Be Continued……….

Temporarily wrapping Up the Confessions

So this was the real life incident of Ann (1st part), and we are already feeling up the heat. Leave us your guesses through comments about what could have happened afterwards. We’ll get back. Till then, share this and connect the maximum of your colleagues to disclose the suspense quickly.

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