Price Of My Virginity- Confessions Part 2 (Brought to you by Dailyworms)

Price Of My Virginity- Confessions Part 2

Hello everyone. Thank you so much for such a lovely response on ‘Price Of My Virginity-Part 1’. We are back one again with the next part of  the same confession. This part will discuss the college life of Ann and her struggle with the thoughts of sex and loosing virginity. So let’s hit on to our main section in ‘Price Of My Virginity- Part 2’.

So fasten up your seats ladies and gentlemen, as this confession is really gonna tell you something worth considering (at the climax).

Hassle Compelling for Sex in the University

Now, you’ll read what Ann confessed in her very own words.

One month later, I got admission in the University. As it was far away from my residence, I had to travel hundreds of miles which seemed totally impossible to me. So I decided to stay in hostels. I took consent from my family to which they agreed. I packed my luggage and decided to leave early morning on the next day. It was around 8 p.m when my mother called me to give me a piece of advice.

She said ‘Ann, please even after getting into the college, don’t forget who you are and the kind of christian home you belongs to. She got closer and whispered in my ear, ”Keep your virginity intact and never fall so cheap to loose what you have been sustaining since your childhood”.

I nodded my head with fear and said OK.

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Moving to the College

The next day as I traveled to my college, everyone in my hostel room happily welcomed me.
After a few weeks, I tuned up to be close friends with a girl named Bekky. She is also my room mate. Bekky was a hot girl. She loved flexing with friends and also had a boyfriend called Emeka. They loved each other a lot. Emeka used to come to our hostel and spend all day chatting and playing with Bekky. Sometimes they even used to kiss in my presence. Bekky sitting in Emeka’s lap used to arouse me every time.

As time went on, I started feeling lonely. So I held books and made them my companions.

Bekky’s Words Tingling My Desires

Now I had a day when Bekky wanted to share a word with me. She advised me to have a boyfriend who can play with me, chat, make me happy and also who can keep me busy. I refused Bekky’s advice saying that I can’t do it and it’s a sin this way. Becky replied that having a boyfriend is not a sin, unless if you have two. If you love one and cheat another, that’s where having boyfriend becomes a sin.

I said ‘OK’ and promised to give it a second thought. After a few weeks, Emeka invited me and Bekky to his birthday party to be held on the next day. I told Bekky that i don’t go to parties and all but she laughed and said, ‘You are not going on your own party, you will just accompany me, we will not stay long, we will just spend some hours and will be back afterwards.

Emeka’s Birthday Party

The next day, which was Emeka’s birthday, me and Bekky dressed and went for the birthday. As we arrived to the party, I saw girls wearing shorts, twerking and dancing with guys touching each other at private places. This shook me. I was so afraid.  that I chose sitting at one of the corners. Bekky went to meet Emeka.

The place was so noisy because the music was playing loud. The guys were also shouting and dancing. After some time, a guy came to me and said ‘Hello pretty girl, May I know your name?’. I was afraid. So I din’t reply.

He insisted me to talk and asked my name once again. Realizing that he’s never gonna leave me otherwise, I replied that my name is Ann. This very guy, Tony, started flirting me after that conversation.

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Here is the Conversation which followed later on:

Tony: I am actually a student from the same college and is studying BUSINESS Administration and you?
ME: Please this place is too noisy for us to be having this kind of discussion. As I was talking to him, my phone rang. It was my mother’s call. She said ‘Where are you Ann? It is too noisy and I am hearing some music in the background”.

I replied with fear that ‘Mumma I am in Church. We are having a Youth program. So this is the offering time which is why you are hearing that music.’

She cut the call saying ‘OK i will call you back Ann’. I was sad as this was the first time I was lying to my Mum.


Wrapping Up Price Of My Virginity- Part 2

So this was all about the second part. Price Of My Virginity- Part 2, sums up the that how repeated incidents poisoned up Ann’s mind and tilted her towards craving for sex and boyfriend. While her mother constantly reminds her of her sacred value, Ann is slowly and slowly moving towards crossing her boundaries. Who is Tony now and what are his intentions? We’ll see  this in the next part called Price Of My Virginity- Part 3.

Stay tuned to know the actual confession. This is we signing off. Let us know how is this going. Like and Share this story to make this confession reach millions of people belonging to the the same bag.

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