Bollywood Fame Salman Khan to Marry Soon


“Salman Khan to marry soon” might tickle the minds of many, especially belonging to India. A similar piece of news shredded those thousands drems (for a minute) when “Sallu Ki Shadi” started trending with a Hashtag. Here “Sallu” is none other than the Superstar ‘salman Khan’ from Bollywood. The news soon started trending as this very topic stays to be one of the hottest topics in Indian Cinema.

So what led to this news. Let’s find out what just happened.

Unvieling the “Salman Khan’s Marriage” Hashtag

Salman Khan Marrying in "Sallu Ki Shadi"

Every Indian fond of movies and cinema, would have thought for atleast once that why isn’t Salman Khan getting married. He is 52 and will be 53 in a month but he is still single.

Well, being single isn’t a crime but our Indian society is somewhat different from the western countries. We generally expect a person to get married till the age of 30. Moreover, if he somehow fails to get married by that age, he’s thrashed for being a defective puppet. But lately, the trend is changing, as many of the rich personalities now prefer to get married in the late 30s and early 40s of their life.

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Not discussing philosophical things aside, let’s discuss that how our favourite actor “Salman Khan aka Sallu is going to get married soon”. Well, you heard that right, but there is a twist in the tale. Is he really getting married? If Yes, then who is the Girl?

These questions are yet to be answered except the teaser of the upcoming movie named “Sallu Ki Shadi” which is out to be a treat for every Sallu Fan. The title of the movie confused the entire tale with the fact that Salman Khan is all set to marry the Girl of his dreams. The only moment you figure this out is when don’t see any Salman Khan in the trailer/teaser of the movie.

“Sallu Ki Shadi’s” Cast

The film cast consists of Zeenat Aman, Kiran Kumar, Asrani, Razzak Khan, Kashyap, Arshin, Ravi Pandey, Ranjana Khatiwada, Gowher Khan and Sandeep Anand. The teaser starts with the dialogue “Sallu When Will You Marry?“. It also shows the old Salman, and his young Fans denying to marry, for as long as Salman himself gets married. Finally, it ends with the Salman saying, “The marriage is on 8Dec and I’m coming”.

Wrapping up the “Sallu Ki Shadi” Twist

But the twist still remains “How is the movie related to Salman’s marriage”? Well nobody knows but will definitely get to know on 8Dec. Till then keep your heats pumping in thoughts of “BHAI”.



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  1. People need to stop worrying about his marriage and let him decide.

  2. would love to watch a bollywood movie someday 😍 looks like so much fun 🙂

  3. Is this Correct ??, If Yes then It is Really Good News.

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