Top 5 Career Options For Women

Women are an integral part of our society. Yet, what do we have for women in our professional world continues to be an issue. While the career options for women are very limited, there are a few highest paying jobs that women have been doing and handling more effectively than men. According to a survey report came from the United States Department of Labour’s Bureau (2014), career in health, law and management yields the best career opportunities for women promising higher salaries than the average. Besides what else are some valuable career options for women, is what our today’s article all about.
So let’s do a quick briefing of these Career Options now.

Career Options For Women

Some Highest Paying Career Options For Women

1: As a Pharmacist

Pharmacist is a person who dispenses medicine as per the prescriptions written by the doctor. You can easily find them working at hospitals, clinical stores and other self-set up Pharmacy shops. Women have sharp memorizing instincts and thus they are hired for this field. You must have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree to enter this field. In most of the places, two professional exams are held as a selection procedure. A Pharmacist, on an average, earns $1902 per week.

2: Nursing

Women handle these jobs more effectively as they are passionate about caring and are generally kind-hearted. You can either collaborate with physicians, doctors, or can even set up your own nursing own to work independently. They are also called Advance Practice Registered Nurses and have a Degree in Nursing. Female Practitioners earn $1682/ week, or $87,464/month.

3: Advocates/Lawyer

The fact that women are better at arguing and convincing others has earned them this field. Lawyers represent people or organizations involved in any legal/non-legal disputes before the Court’ of Law. To be a lawyer, you should either do a 5 years of Bachelor degree course followed by a 2 year course for Masters (India) or simply a 4 year Bachelor’s Program (elsewhere). Advocates earn an average of $1590/week or $82,680/year.

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4: HR Manager/Consultants

HR Managers have a duty of recruiting, interviewing, and selection of the applicants for their companies. They are also involved in some other relations also like payroll and training reforms. Women are more sorted at resolving heavy disputes. This is why these stays to be the best choice in this field. An HR Manager earns $1300/week or $67,600/year on an average basis.

5: CEOs (Chief Executive Officers)

A CEO is a person who coordinates and manages a company’s operations to have the most profitable outcomes. If you have a degree in Management, you can be a company’s CEO (depending upon the talent level). CEOs are the highest payable personalities of a company. They get this much pay because a they are responsible for their company’s success and failure. A CEO earns an average of $1572/week, or $81,744 annually.


So these were some of the highest paying Career Options for Women. Women are, with no doubt, an essential part of our society and have been involved in some highly reputable jobs also. It’s our duty to help them grow even more, with a lot of new opportunities for them. So, to all those women searching out for a change, Get Up and Get Out. The world is waiting for your magic.

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